Monday, July 20, 2009

Transforming Information Technology (IT) into Business Technology (BT)

An excellent video featuring Forrester's Research Chairman and Chief Executive Officer George Colony. In this clip he tells us the 7 points he would tell your CEO - revolving around the theme of evolving IT into BT (Business Technology).

I particularly liked how he defines Business Technology as:"technology which is impacting business results" and that IT should really be about impacting revenues increases, bringing costs down and increasing market share.

Although the clip is from 2007, the ideas are spot-on and scarily relevant to today's economic crisis..

He also mentions that CIO's cannot be the driving force behind business innovation, simply because process innovation is about business. And this requires what he calls 'Technology Knowledgeable Business Executives' or TKBE's.

There is therefore no longer any justification for allowing CEOs and business executives to not understand the technology that drives their business.

Why do I mention all this? Because uniPaaS works on a metadata principle that isolates the technical complexity from the application development process. This enables business executives to better understand their IT. They can then get more involved in ensuring that their IT projects deliver the real business results that we mentioned earlier, namely;

  • revenue increases
  • lower costs
  • more market share

In short, uniPaaS can help turn Information Technology (IT) into Business Technology (BT). I explain how in greater detailhere and here.