Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moving to SaaS - Planning a SaaS Offensive for 2009

Ray Wang at Forrester Research writes a highly informative research piece on the current state of SaaS in the marketplace and its future potential.

He believes that many vendors are missing a significant opportunity to grow their market share because of misperceptions about SaaS.

Driving this is concern regarding SaaS' lower initial subscription profits and the perceived loss of the long-standing Client-Server business model and customers.

The thing is, with uniPaaS neither of these points are any longer valid - I write about this here and here, and there's a white paper that deals specifically with this issue for ISVs who may be feeling cautious about their move to SaaS.

But even despite these concerns, firms continue to plan & expand their use of SaaS in 2009/10.

Source: Forrester

In Forrester's own SaaS survey: of 1,000 IT executives and decision-makers, 24% were interested/considering, 11% implemented or planning to expand, and 5% piloting SaaS solutions.