Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Global Trends Indicate SaaS Adoption

What happens when you combine 'service' economies with 'information' economies?

You get a growing demand for 'information services'.

That's what Professor Uday Karmarkar describes in the above video where he lists these two factors; 'services' and 'information' as the dominant growth trends occuring in our business economies today.

And what better example of this 'service industralization' than SaaS - Software, (which is really an information enabler), packaged as-a-Service.

For businesses to stay ahead then in the coming years it's vital that they understand the shifts that are occuring in business models with the move to the automation of services by software and 'let the customer do it' style business operations.

In both cases its seems pretty obvious to me that there's going to be a growing need for software platforms that will enable fast and cost-effective delivery of such on-demand models in turbulent times along with business integration tools that aid the 'standardization of information' and migration into 'business process engineering' that Professor Karmarkar describes further on in his talk.