Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Business Integration - How important is it to your Business?

Here, David Cearley mentions 3 of the top ten strategic technology trends he's expecting to see emerge in 2009 and beyond.

His second point is what particularly caught my interest; the importance of business intelligence. He finds that CEOs and CIOs don't really have the information they need to make the right business decisions.

And that's critical since better (i.e. more complete information) in the hands of decision makers can be the make or break of a company in today's economic climate.

The vital question for CEOs and CIOs is how to create this environment of 'better' corporate information without having to go through the expense of replacing existing IT systems.

The answer - better integrate the IT systems that the organization already has.

IT systems often work in self-contained 'silos', keeping their data to themselves. But the whole is greater than the sum of its parts - as the expression goes. In the same way, IT information becomes far more powerful when its shared and combined with other data within the organization - giving decision makers a complete view of their business.

Worth seeing this if you want to find out how enterprises can implement integration quickly and simply.