Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Zen of Mobile Apps: Six Harmonious Tips to Increase App Shelf Life

The enterprise software market is poised to explode. In a recent Gartner report, the leading analyst house projects spending on enterprise application software to rise 7.5 percent this year to $149.9 billion, and to surpass $201 billion by 2019.

However, developing more mobile apps is not always the best answer. The explosion in mobile apps has created less than harmonious mobile experiences for many enterprise users.

Mobile developers often create an app for each individual feature rather than designing around a user-centric need to make individual work processes more efficient within a specific mobile context (geolocation, motion, time-of-day, and user behavior). Instead of trying to build an app that enables sales representatives to access work documents, it’s a better idea to try to make sales more efficient by improving the sales process. 

Background integration and process orchestration can eliminate busywork and put just the precise information needed in front of the user regardless of which giant enterprise software system it is stored in. By balancing between the overarching purpose and the specific context of the user, enterprise apps are more useful, cohesive and powerful.

Here are six things to keep in mind to ensure harmonious mobile apps that stand the test of time:

Monday, February 1, 2016

Enterprise App Survival Guide: Six Tips to Winning the Enterprise App Wars

With the explosion of mobile devices, many enterprises developed a broad stable of mobile apps to keep up with demand and to test what worked and what didn’t. The emphasis was on rapid development of many small mobile enterprise apps to improve isolated business processes.

However, as enterprises and organizations of all sizes, tackle digital transformation at full throttle speeds, they are now realizing that mobile enterprise apps should be considered as extensions of larger processes, not isolated islands in and of themselves.

Here are six tips to help your enterprise app strategies survive in the digital transformation era:

Thursday, January 28, 2016

How to Profit from the Internet of Things

Costs are a major consideration, but from better engaging with your customers to improving regulatory compliance, IoT technologies offer a wide range of business benefits.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How the Internet of Things Will Streamline the Supply Chain

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a key technology for business. With the number of devices connecting to the Internet growing from a few thousand in the 1980s to an expected 25 billion by 2020, organizations need to prepare for the inevitable, and the supply chain is no exception.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How a Bank's Magic-Based App Increased Productivity by 40%

Fukushima Bank has deployed an iPad sales force automation (SFA) solution powered by the Magic xpa Application Platform. Developed by Magic partner CCU Co., Ltd, the iPad solution has increased the bank’s sales force productivity by 30-40%.

The iPad app enables the bank’s sales employees to effectively manage their customer contacts, activities and customer histories from inside and outside the office. By upgrading their original app which ran on Windows Mobile phones to iPads, the bank was able to take advantage of the iPad's larger touch screen and switch to a proposal-based sales style.

CCU completed the project - which included migration from a previous version of Magic’s application platform (uniPaaS) to Magic xpa - in just two months.

With over 200 users, we were very pleased by how quickly and smoothly the migration went, said Ryoujun Watanabe, from the bank's Sales Management Division. The iPad app provides all the features that we were looking for and the fast deployment enabled us to start generating a return on investment within a short time.

Fukushima Bank understands that enterprise mobility solutions require frequent updates to continuously improve their effectiveness, states Hiroki Aoyama, President and CEO at CCU. Magic’s rapid cross-platform development platform gives us the flexibility to quickly adapt our solutions to meet changing customer requirements and take advantage of the latest technologies.

Magic xpa is an excellent choice for all types of organizations who want the flexibility to migrate to new platforms and increase the productivity of their mobile workforce.

Click here to learn more about Magic xpa.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Taste the Magic! Segafredo Brews Mobile Delivery App with Magic Software

Segafredo Zanetti France, a major subsidiary of coffee giant Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, has deployed a mobile direct store delivery app powered by Magic xpi Integration Platform.

Developed together with Magic partner Danem, a French pioneer in mobile IT, the app digitally transforms Segafredo Zanetti France’s retail sales and distribution processes. Equipped with Samsung tablets, the company’s commercial drivers and field sales team can now take and complete orders from restaurants on the spot. 

Real-time integration enabled by Magic xpi Integration Platform’s pre-built SAP Business One adapter keeps the company’s ERP system updated according to real-time delivery, inventory, and invoicing transactions.

The app also provides offline capabilities, enabling usage even if Internet coverage fails or is unavailable. Segafredo Zanetti France benefits from increased sales from the ability to accept impulse purchases, up-to-date inventory and sales data, greater operational efficiency and improved customer service. 

“We are very satisfied with the app. The agile collaboration and efficiency of the entire team, including both Danem and Magic, enabled the project to be delivered on time and within budget, a rare occurrence for this type of project,” stated Mr. Jean-Francis Caharel, Project Director, Segafredo Zanetti France.

Next time you enjoy a delicious cup of Segafredo coffee in France, you will certainly taste the Magic!