Monday, April 18, 2016

Magic-Powered App Sweeps Away the Snow

Merit Service Solutions, a national leader in facilities maintenance, transformed the way it works with its local snow removal contractors by deploying a mobile app powered by Magic Software’s Enterprise Mobility Solution.

The app leverages digital capabilities to increase operational efficiency, expedite billing and improve customer service. It enables hundreds of service providers across America to receive work orders, enter relevant information, and attach photos and customer signatures verifying job completion when relevant. By combining location information from Google Maps along with predictive, actual, and certified precipitation data from AccuWeather, service providers can quickly locate nearby customer sites and anticipated snowfall amounts.

Management can automatically see when providers have been to a service area, and billing data is automatically generated based on AccuWeather’s certified data for the customer’s geolocation.

Integration with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne via the Magic xpi Integration Platform’s optimized adapter keeps Merit’s ERP system updated according to real-time service completion. The app also includes offline capabilities to make sure work can continue and no data is lost in cases of loss of Internet coverage.

“We manage approximately 2,000 customer sites and wanted a way to take advantage of today’s digital and mobile capabilities to streamline processes, and provide the best experience to our customers and our service providers,” stated Kevin Craig, Chief Operations Officer at Merit Services. “I am happy to report that Magic’s solution, combining both mobile and back-end integration under one technology stack, not only provided all the capabilities we demanded, it has also passed the test of an epic blizzard, enabling us to provide our customers with the timely services they expect, even under the most demanding circumstances.”

“We are happy to have played a key role in Merit’s digital transformation,” stated Eyal Karny, CEO at Magic Americas. “By looking at the complete business process, Merit understood the importance of a single solution that provided real-time integration with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and rapid mobile deployment. Magic’s Oracle Validated Integration (OVI) status achieved via the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) along with our cross-platform development capabilities enabled us to deliver the entire solution.”

(Photo Credit: Pixabay\skeeze)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Upgrade Manager: “The Fastest and Best Upgrade I Have Ever Experienced!”

In today’s digital world, your enterprise apps must keep up with changing business processes and user expectations. You need an easy way to bring your older apps into the modern age.

Magic xpa 3.1 provides all the features you need while our new Upgrade Manager provides a smooth, quick automated process.

The Upgrade Manager instantly converts your application and tells you what actions you need to take. With an intuitive and friendly interface, upgrading has never been easier:

Here’s what some of our beta customers said after testing the Upgrade Manager:

“Without a doubt the fastest and best upgrade I have ever experienced!” U. C., Rashi Foundation

“We had 4,500 programs in our project and did not encounter a single problem during the upgrade. Exceptionally simple and fast!” D. R., Glen Systems Ltd.

“An upgrade that would have taken a month took only two days. We saved valuable time and money.” S. D., ProfIT Solutions

So, if you’ve been hesitant to upgrade until now, fear no more.

Contact us to learn more about how you can upgrade to Magic xpa and experience the Power of 3.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Magic xpa’s Game Changing Experience: Runtime Form Designer

Get ready for a customized user experience! With Magic xpa 3.1, end users can now customize screens to show just the data that is important for their needs, the way they want!

End users can make changes on an individual basis or for an entire group – without coding and without making demands on developers.

The new Runtime Form Designer lets end users customize screens according to their needs:

* Rename and move fields.

*Resize, hide and restore fields.

* Change colors and fonts.

The Runtime Form Designer is one of hundreds of updates we've made to Magic xpa over the years. With our new Upgrade Manager providing the easiest upgrade ever, now’s the time to bring your apps into the new digital age.

Learn how to use the Runtime Form Designer here:

Click here to learn more about Magic xpa 3.1.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Experience the Power of Magic - Announcing Magic xpa 3.1

Magic Software is pleased to announce the latest release of its rapid multi-channel application development platform, Magic xpa 3.1. Designed to simplify app modernization, accelerate enterprise mobile app development and maximize end user adoption, this latest release includes end user customization capabilities, an enhanced UI, and a new Upgrade Manager.

Rapid cross-platform development

The metadata-based Magic xpa Application Platform provides an easy-to-use, highly-productive and cost-effective development and deployment environment that lets organizations and ISVs quickly create multi-channel mobile and desktop business apps.

New development capabilities with Magic xpa 3.1 include:

* Customization capabilities allowing end users to modify their screens and forms according to their personal preferences, without coding. (Currently available for RIA and Client/Server apps.)

* UI improvements enable the faster development of attractive and intuitive mobile and cross-platform apps.

* WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Consumption capabilities simplify development of service-oriented applications.

* Feature enhancements including support for swipe refresh and improvements to the Action Bar Menu provide an improved mobile user experience.

* Upgrade Manager utility provides a smooth and fast upgrade by instantly converting applications and notifying users of any required actions.

Join thousands of enterprises and ISVs around the globe who are using Magic xpa to create powerful multichannel business apps!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mundipharma Goes Mobile with Magic’s Enterprise Mobility Solution

Leading German pharmaceutical company Mundipharma selected Magic Software’s holistic Enterprise Mobility Solution to improve employee productivity and satisfaction, and streamline business processes.

Mundipharma chose Magic’s harmonized application development and integration platforms after comprehensive research on integration tools and development platforms for mobile applications.

Magic’s code-free platforms enabled Mundipharma to quickly create a series of mobile apps to:
  • Let managers approve expenses and purchases from their mobile device
  • Provide employees with mobile access to the employee directory
  • Allow its field sales force to order promotional materials from anywhere, at any time
  • Additional apps in the planning include a mobile meal plan app, a mobile travel cost settlement app with an option for direct scanning of vouchers, mobile access to the contract database, and more.

Additional employee mobile apps in the planning include a meal plan app, a travel expense settlement app with a scanning option, access to the contract database, and more.

Magic’s cross-platform capabilities enabled Mundipharma to create applications for Windows Mobile and desktop devices with the same development effort. The company leveraged Magic’s integration platform for quick connectivity to its backend systems, including the company’s SAP ERP, its custom planning tool, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), and Active Directory.

“Magic xpi Integration Platform’s prebuilt adapters and broad connectivity enables us to optimize interfaces between applications and lets Magic xpi serve as a central data hub, making our IT infrastructure and maintenance more efficient,” said Berthold Berg, the company’s Head of Enterprise Applications.

With friendly, code-free application and integration platforms running on the same technology stack, Magic makes it easy and cost-effective for organizations to accomplish their digital transformations.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Black Holes in the Customer Journey

Many companies have the goal of gaining a 360-degree view of their customer interactions. However, ERP users who have integrated CRM data to see the full picture think they have reached the summit only to discover that there are still further hills to climb.

Customer interactions are defined by more than just the CRM system. Transactions are sometimes processed in eCommerce, point-of-sale systems and even mobile order-entry apps. Work orders may be handled by field service, PLM (product lifecycle management) and other systems. Shipments to customers are tracked with warehouse management, transportation management and logistics systems. There is no shortage of business applications, cloud services and social media sites that touch your customers.

So how do you truly achieve a 360-degree customer solution? First of all it’s important to clarify why you want a full customer view. It’s not only about getting a 360-degree view of data, but also to capture a 360-degree view of the entire customer experience. The goal is to use all of the integrated data to surround customers with a quality experience that satisfies and delights them so they become raving fans.