Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Get Integrated with Magic xpi

Are you still using hard coding to get your IT systems to communicate and share data?

Do you want a quick and code-free solution that will enable you to easily orchestrate data flows and support your business goals?

With over 100 pre-built connectors and the ability to quickly build your own, Magic xpi lets users create and automate business processes across all IT systems.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are what our customers are saying about Magic xpi:

“Magic xpi is a great integration tool.” ~A. Lateef – Senior Manager, Information Systems at The Himalaya Drug Company

“Best tool I've ever worked with. Fast and efficient. ~Brenda Bullorini – Developer at Generatica S.A.

“With Magic xpi we can focus on business processes instead of technology.” ~M. Tempelmeier – Software Developer at Sennheiser

“Magic xpi can do anything you wish it to do.” ~D. Stasiak – Senior Consultant at Mundipharma

Watch the video below to learn more about Magic xpi:

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Next Stop, Dreamforce: Magic Israel Wins Salesforce Partner Contest

Magic Israel won the Best Partner Presentation Award and a trip to Dreamforce '16 at Salesforce Essentials Tel Aviv held on June 14, 2016.

Dan Shafir, Marketing Manager at Magic Israel, presented to the crowd of 400-500 Salesforce users about how they can use the Magic xpi Integration Platform to connect to their customers in a whole new way.

Yuval Lavi, VP Corporate Professional Services and Support answered questions from the audience.

The winner was selected by the audience along with four appointed judges.

Congratulations to the Magic Israel Team!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Coca-Cola Sorocaba Gets Integrated with Magic xpi

Magic xpi manages exchange of information regarding over 200 million liters per year between the company’s PC-Factory MES and SAP R3 systems

Sorocaba Refrescos, part of Coca-Cola Brazil System, hired PPI-Multitask to implement PC-Factory MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to automate its production processes. Part of the company’s requirements was the integrated exchange of information on the factory floor with SAP R3 in real time.

Magic xpi Integration Platform was chosen to automate the data transfer between SAP R3 and PC-Factory MES. Magic xpi offers a certified SAP adapter that provides a friendly, low-maintenance interface that guarantees the communication quality between both management applications.

Five production lines and over 1,000 people are involved in the manufacturing process, which had its efficiency increased due to the management provided by PC-Factory MES.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

UK IT Summit

Magic Software’s 2016 IT Summit European series kicked off on May 17th in London. The Summits all focus on the current trends of Digital Transformation, Internet of Things, and the Customer Journey. Magic UK held our event at The Royal College of General Practitioners, 30 Euston Square, London. Later in the same week, the event was held in Paris on 19th May. Additional Summits will be hosted in Hungary in June, and in Benelux and Germany in October.

The UK event was for customers, partners and prospects alike, who were all eager to learn and understand the burning question in today’s commercial environment i.e. what is digital transformation and what is the all the fuss about?

We at Magic believe the current trend of digital transformation is perhaps the greatest disruptor of recent years. We saw a need across many of our markets to reach out and explain in easy steps and concepts to our audience how they can transform their businesses and improve every customer touch point whilst learning how to adopt and support an agile customer-centric journey, and how to address the cultures and mindset within their organisation to achieve this.

The KickOff
President of Magic Software, Udi Ertel, opened the event setting the scene and clearly explaining the impact of digital transformation in the market today and relating how technology underpins this at every stage. Udi talked about how the Magic’s application development and integration platforms, Magic xpi and Magic xpa, provide a practical and cost-effective solution to help organisations realize their digital transformation goals.

IoT at the Forefront
Professor Michael Capone, Principal Analyst of IoT at Capgemini, addressed the hot topic of IoT. His presentation entitled “Smart Madness, How IoT is Driving Customers Crazy” detailed the market, the opportunity, the strategy and ways for businesses to fully leverage IoT. The presentation was delivered with great humour (always a plus for the Brits!) with lots of real life examples from the crazy world we all live in today.

Keynote from Neil Perkin, Founder, Only Dead Fish
The keynote presentation was delivered by Neil Perkin, Founder of digital agency, ‘Only Dead Fish ‘. Neil is a well-respected digital transformation speaker who specialises in organisational agility, content strategy, emerging media and digital strategy. Neil has been voted by the BIMA (British Interactive Media Association) as one of the most influential people in the UK digital industry for two years in a row and his lively approach was literally lapped up by the entire audience!


The event also provided some light fun entertainment with a “transformation” themed quiz that the attendees completed during the breaks and lunch, and the winner, David Rees from Christies, received a fabulous Apple Watch Sport for his accurate answers – Nice!!!

Magic Customer Case Studies
The day progressed with Magic customers, Paul Thompson IT Director at The Mayflower Theatre, and Meni Ganis, Development Manager at Exterion Media giving great ‘use case’ examples of Magic xpi & Magic xpa platforms. Paul showed how Magic xpi had delivered a significant ROI within 3 weeks of purchase and how it easily facilitated their own business mantra: “make every effort to exploit commercial opportunities whilst operating efficiently”. Meni delivered a great live example of how they are utilising Magic’s mobile capabilities. Exterion Media used Magic to create an enterprise mobile application to automate the processes of changing and updating all their outside advertisements around London, including the London underground, London buses and digital adverts on large retail buildings – both very impressive and enjoyed by all.

More from Magic
Other members of the Magic team, namely Yuval Lavi, VP of Professional Services and Support, and Joe Da Silva, Senior Enterprise Architect at Magic UK, showed how easy it is to use Magic tools to fully automate and integrate virtually any business process, including getting a cup of coffee. To make this point they showed how they used Magic xpi to create a flow where pushing the start button on the Segafredo (one of our customers) coffee machine activated a case creation in Salesforce CRM. This shows how Magic xpi can be easily used even for many IoT scenarios. It was amazing!! 

Partners and Sponsors
Magic partners and sponsors, Dan Cunliffe, MD at Pangea, Gary Cullen, Director at ProvidentCRM - a platinum Sugar Partner, Graham Clarke, Sales Director from HelpIT all demonstrate the vast opportunities out there for those companies who are willing to embrace the digital world and take the necessary steps to move ahead.                                                                                                 

The business part of the day was concluded with a lively group Q&A session followed by refreshing and well-deserved drinks on the Rooftop Terrace....

All in all the entire event was hailed a great success and proof of the pudding was expressed directly by the attendees, a few feedback comments below:
"It was a good use of my time and I'm looking forward to your event next year. The quality of talks and information provided was particularly impressive."

“Many of the speakers were excellent, and a great credit to the event.
Got to hear relevant insights from some smart, talented speakers - always a plus!” 

"Truly the best event of this topic I have attended." 

“A very well organised day with great content and keynotes.”

Roll on for the IT Summit 2017 – we can’t wait!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Construction Firm Reaches New Heights With Magic-Based Project Management Mobile App

Ortam-Malibu, a leading Israeli construction firm specializing in the design, engineering and implementation of complex public, residential and infrastructure projects, deployed a new mobile project management application using the Magic xpa Application Platform.

The mobile app, developed and implemented by Magic partner Tirosh Computer Systems, provides Ortam-Malibu with a centralized environment for managing projects and communicating with end customers.

The app interfaces with the company’s financial system and its customer database, and also enables the sending of automated messages to members of the project team and to owners and tenants.

It also lets field personnel and project coordinators follow a unified work procedure and monitor and update the project progress in real-time. They can also send immediate status updates and ongoing communications to customers through a direct messaging channel. The app increases transparency regarding schedules and deadlines, enhancing customer satisfaction and providing peace of mind while eliminating the need for the project team to respond to multiple distinct inquiries.

“We are delighted to see how easily Magic’s application platform can be used to improve workflows and to provide extensive real-time information to our employees and customers, down to the smallest detail. The app provides a major benefit to our business by enabling us to dramatically improve the customer experience while saving time and resources,” said Tsach Zalmanovitz, Director of Tenant Changes, at Ortam-Malibu.

Arik Mifano, Managing Director of Magic Israel added, “We see a growing trend of mobile adoption among our customers, and not just for small discrete mobile apps, but for the digital transformation of complete business processes, as exemplified by Ortam-Malibu. Magic’s rapid application development platform makes it easy for organizations to offer added value and capabilities, which they once thought were pure fantasy.

By enabling the quick mobilization of core business systems and processes, our unified technology stack provides enterprises with the shortest development cycle in the industry, as well as significant savings in money and manpower.”

(Photo Credit: Pixabay\Unsplash)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Magic-Powered App Sweeps Away the Snow

Merit Service Solutions, a national leader in facilities maintenance, transformed the way it works with its local snow removal contractors by deploying a mobile app powered by Magic Software’s Enterprise Mobility Solution.

The app leverages digital capabilities to increase operational efficiency, expedite billing and improve customer service. It enables hundreds of service providers across America to receive work orders, enter relevant information, and attach photos and customer signatures verifying job completion when relevant. By combining location information from Google Maps along with predictive, actual, and certified precipitation data from AccuWeather, service providers can quickly locate nearby customer sites and anticipated snowfall amounts.

Management can automatically see when providers have been to a service area, and billing data is automatically generated based on AccuWeather’s certified data for the customer’s geolocation.

Integration with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne via the Magic xpi Integration Platform’s optimized adapter keeps Merit’s ERP system updated according to real-time service completion. The app also includes offline capabilities to make sure work can continue and no data is lost in cases of loss of Internet coverage.

“We manage approximately 2,000 customer sites and wanted a way to take advantage of today’s digital and mobile capabilities to streamline processes, and provide the best experience to our customers and our service providers,” stated Kevin Craig, Chief Operations Officer at Merit Services. “I am happy to report that Magic’s solution, combining both mobile and back-end integration under one technology stack, not only provided all the capabilities we demanded, it has also passed the test of an epic blizzard, enabling us to provide our customers with the timely services they expect, even under the most demanding circumstances.”

“We are happy to have played a key role in Merit’s digital transformation,” stated Eyal Karny, CEO at Magic Americas. “By looking at the complete business process, Merit understood the importance of a single solution that provided real-time integration with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and rapid mobile deployment. Magic’s Oracle Validated Integration (OVI) status achieved via the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) along with our cross-platform development capabilities enabled us to deliver the entire solution.”

(Photo Credit: Pixabay\skeeze)