Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Sneak Peak at the New Studio Environment in Magic xpa 3.0

The upcoming Magic xpa 3.0 release includes many new features for an improved developer experience, enabling customers to get enterprise-grade cross-platform apps for mobile and desktop to market faster than ever before.

With the Form Editor now based on Visual Studio, Magic xpa 3.0 users will enjoy its familiar and intuitive experience.

A new Mobile Preview pane lets developers see how apps look on the device as they create them. Users simply choose the appropriate device from the drop down menu or define their own. And by toggling on the new Mobile Design Mode, default values are preset to be suitable for mobile. For example, button defaults are sized to accommodate touch screens.

Together, these and other enhancement make creating cross-platform mobile and desktop apps faster and easier than ever. 

Figure 1: New Magic xpa 3.0 Visual Studio Based Form Designer with Mobile Preview for iOS

Don’t forget to register for our Live Q & A Session with Magic Management on April 28 to answer any questions you might have on Magic xpa 3.0.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mobile App Simplification and Integration

Mobile enterprise app development is both an opportunity and a challenge for IT departments.  By supporting employees working in the field using smartphones and tablets, IT can help companies gain a competitive edge by creating new efficiencies and superior customer service. But in order to support a mobile workforce, IT needs to make real-time information, including product, financial, and customer data, available from a wide variety of business applications. And it gets even more complicated. Because of the plethora of devices used by employees, IT needs to develop mobile apps for multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and others.

In addition to the challenges related to mobile applications, there are the more familiar IT development hurdles that need to be overcome, including budget constraints, pressure for quick delivery, and the need to adapt to fast changing business processes and user habits.

Here are two ways that code-free mobile application development platforms can help enterprises meet these challenges.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Are You Ready for Big Metadata?

Big data presents the challenge of managing massive amounts of information. However, the increase in data is only half the story. Metadata, which in the past was limited to names and labels, today encompasses information about the relationships between data, reports, and processes and due to its growing volume requires its own strategy for efficient management.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Leveraging Social Media to Build Customer Relationships and Brand Loyalty

Many businesses have pushed all-in on social media. In the high-stakes game of customer relationships and reputation, social media can be an excellent channel for building and retaining loyal customers. Prompt and effective responses to requests for product information, praise or feedback about service, or complaints can result in greater brand affinity, improved customer support, quicker order fulfillment and faster lead qualification. Therefore, when using social media as a business tool, it’s important to take strategic steps to ensure you can take full advantage of the opportunity.

Here are some recommendations that can help you leverage the power of social media to build strong customer relationships.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Internet of Things – Hype or Real?

The Internet of Things – are all the things we read about hype or real? Magic Software South Africa's Lindsay Britz was recently featured in an EE Publishers panel discussion on the Internet of Things. She discussed, among other things, the important role system integration platforms - such as Magic xpi Integration Platform - play in the success of IoT applications by supporting event-triggered processes, while ensuring the necessary precautions to keep data secure.

Monday, March 2, 2015

What Your Mobile Enterprise Apps Need: 5 Must-Have Usability Features

Mobile enterprise apps boost productivity by enabling employees, customers and partners to complete tasks and advance processes at any time, and any place. However, developing mobile enterprise apps requires a new mind-set as they are very different from enterprise apps made for desktops. One of the key differences is the mobile user experience.
With this in mind, Magic Software held a roundtable recently with a variety of mobility experts from around the world to discover the characteristics of a good user experience for mobile enterprise apps. The discussion also explored the differences between user interface and user experience, and the relative importance of look and feel versus performance.
Participants included a Senior Analyst and mobile blogger, the CEO of an award-winning design agency, a leading usability and user experience consultant, along with the General Manager of Magic's UK and Nordic branch.
Despite the variety of different backgrounds and experiences among the participants, there was a strong consensus on common characteristics of successful mobile apps.